Bad Hairdo Lands Ohio Psychiatrist in Jail

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Cleveland, Ohio – Thanks to a prank “Wanted” poster created by prominent Cleveland hair stylist, LaVon LaGhay, a drug pushing psychiatrist has been arrested.

The poster mocks the mousy, out-of-date hair style worn by Dr. Toni Carman, psychiatrist and medical director for Psychological & Behavioral Consultants.  In it LaGhay offered a $1000 reward and advised the public that she should be arrested for the “worst hairdo in America.”

What happened next is a commentary on the power of today’s social media. The poster went viral on Facebook and caused residents of Shaker Heights to keep an eye out for the “skanky psych with bad hair.”

Then, in August 2012 a pharmacist was tipped off that the “bad hair skank” was involved in questionable prescribing of controlled substances to a patient, Mohammad H. Saedi. This tip led to an investigation by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and finally to her arrest this past week.

The law enforcement officials who raided Carman’s residence and medical facility were surprised to find, among hundreds of bottles of prescription drugs, dozens of boxes of fashionable hairstyle magazines.

A closer examination of the publications revealed that page after page of beautiful hair models had been mutilated with scissors or transformed into ugly, flat-haired images with a large black magic marker belonging to Carman.

Law enforcement also obtained search warrants for two vehicles belonging to Saedi. Law enforcement removed medical records and prescription drugs from Carman’s offices and home, according to the release.

For more information on this story see Psychiatrist’s Office Raided as Part of Drug Investigation


UPDATE: Dr. Carman has surrendered her ticket to practice psychiatry and prescribe controlled substances. Guess she cut a deal to avoid jail time. Wonder if anyone claimed the $1000 reward? CLICK HERE to see all the gory details.

Oh wait! Here she is in court! CLICK HERE  to see update – Dr. Toni Carman arraigned.

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Lonnie December 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm

She does look bad.


Laraine Shape December 29, 2012 at 11:49 am

Lonnie – yep BAD is as BAD does! :-)


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